Why people don’t use data

When is the last time you had a question with an answer? Like, a real answer that you could get to if you looked at the data. But you didn’t.

You’ve have to write a query, visualize the results, and get your teammates to weigh in. You’d need to be at your computer and get access to expensive tools even.

So you don’t. Or at least you don’t as much as you know you should to make better decisions.

According to IDC, there is 10x more data created per year in 2020 than ten years prior. But many organizations struggle to make this available to people for daily decisions.

I’ve worked at a lot of places which pride themselves on having a data-driven culture — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft — but even there, getting good insights from data meant knowing SQL, being at your computer (not on the way to a customer research session or client meeting), and then usually exporting a table from a query result into Excel to graph. Or it meant trying to get a $1000/yr Tableau license with manager approval.

These are all barriers to creating a data-driven culture, and to making better decisions company-wide.

Thats why we need better tools. The barriers to adoption of data through an organization are largely tools that, up till now, have made it hard to use data.

So we don’t — at least not enough. Until somebody changes that.

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